Unexpected Paths

I really wish that I was already sleeping the night away with my wife, but instead I am finishing up all of my assignments for my class tomorrow. Thankfully, I've just finished my last assignment and it's currently printing. I had made every effort to be finished with everything before today, but that didn't quite work out. It would impossible to anticipate all of the unexpected circumstances of life...such having to take my Adalynne to the doctor because Amy was sick or needing to visit with someone or some other event. That's what makes them unexpected! Yet, I am thankful for the unexpected events because they give me another opportunity to acknowledge that my plans are always tentative, but God's plans are fixed. And as it turns out, His are always better.

So, good night (or good morning if you read this at a normal operating hour!) and may each of you find joy on the paths you did not plan to walk. May you find comfort in the providence of God, knowing that His ways are perfect. Remember, it is for His glory and our good! And now for my own good, I'm taking the path straight to my bed.

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thanks! i will