11 Years and Counting

I often think back to the summer of 1993. It was that summer in which I clearly remember God calling me into the ministry. Since that time I've often been told (by people who are already involved in Christian ministry) that if I can do anything else besides being a minister, then I should. I believe such advice comes from those who realize that the ministry is difficult and it is not for those who simply think it would be a good profession. (For one thing, the ministry is not a profession, as Piper so wisely reminded us.) But I do not desire to do anything else besides serving God's people. So, it is with great thanksgiving and joy that I am now able to tell you that as of this month, I am serving full-time at Redeemer Church as the Director of Youth and Families! As most of you know, Amy and I moved to Anderson so that we could be a part of this church plant. Over the last year, I've served part-time in this ministry, and it has been a wonderful time of ministry and growth. The Lord has really blessed us more than I can express in words, and I am looking forward to all that He has in store for us in the days, months, and years to come.

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