Prayer for Jackson and the Kirby Family

Today, the Kirby's newborn son, Jackson, had to be taken in a helicopter from Anderson to Greenville Memorial Hospital due to RSV and pneumonia. From the report I heard, Jackson had to be resuscitated a couple of times. So, please join me in prayer with and for Jackson and the Kirby family:

Father of Mercy, Creator, and Sustainer:
You give all things life and breath.
Everyone and everything depends on You.
We know that You are the Sovereign God of the Universe.
Nothing happens apart from Your divine workings.
So we come before You as Your children,
By way of the blood of Your Son Jesus,
On behalf of the Kirby's.
May You strengthen Rick and Rhona's faith and trust in You
As they walk through this trial.
May You use Your Church to rally around them,
To encourage and comfort them as they seek Your face.
Heal Jackson as he lays in the hospital.
We know that You can heal without the hands of doctors
But we acknowledge that You often work through man
To bring about Your purposes.
Help us to be sensitive to the Spirit,
As He moves us to pray and act in the lives of the Kirby's.
We acknowledge that You are always good,
And our lives are in Your hands.
We pray that You receive the glory and honor that you deserve.
May Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.
In the Name of Jesus,

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Eric M. Ashley said...


Amy and I visited with the Kirby's today, and Jackson is doing better today. He is still on oxygen, but he is no longer having to use a breathing machine. Continue to pray for them as they will most likely be in the hospital for the remainder of the weekend (and possible longer).