Hairy Legs

Alora: Daddy, you have hair on your legs.

Me: Yes. I have a lot of hair on my legs.

Alora: Why do you have hair all over your legs?

Me: Because God made me to be hairy. Boys like having hair on their legs, but usually girls don't. Mom would have hair on her legs too, but she shaves it off.

Alora: I don't like hair on your legs. I think we need to cut it off.


Daniel said...


Leo said...

So, your link to my page...and my name needs a tune up. Miss you guys.

Leo said...

Still doing stuff with pumpkins?

Eric M. Ashley said...


Your name and weblog link is updated.

And yes, I'm still enjoying pumpkins. I ate pumpkin soup for the first time a few days ago. I enjoyed it.

Tiff said...

♥i miss you and your hairy legs:) haha...and i also miss my little hair investigator:) i love you guys...hope to see you soon

tiff said...

i love you guys♥♥♥