Taking Spicy To Church

After I woke Alora from her nap today, she noticed that I had a small icon of a dog on my shirt (the Aeropostale symbol). Then, the following conversation took place:

Alora: I don't like that dog.

Me: Why not?

Alora: Because it's small. I like Spicy cause she's big, and I want her to go to church with me.

Me: Yeah, your dog Spicy is big, but why do you want her to go to church?

Alora: So that she can play with me and read the Bible.

Me: Wow. Is there anything else you want her to do with you at church?

Alora: Eat baby goldfish.


jon said...

She's your child Eric.lol

Eric M. Ashley said...

Jon, how's school going? Are you enjoying university life?

tiff said...

lol.thats my grace for ya. she is so cute. i love yall.
aunt tiffy

jon said...

It is going great Eric God has really blessed it. I just need all the prayers I can get. How's seminary treating ya?