Goodbye Old Friend

After waking up this morning, Amy noticed that my mountain bike was missing. Apparently, my bike was stolen last night or some time yesterday. Thankfully they were not able to get Amy's bike because there is a large travel carriage (that the girls ride in) attached to the back of her bike. I am going to miss having my Gary Fisher Mamba mountain bike. We've made many great memories together, but my sadness is a bit lessoned because I know a couple of things about my bike. First, the front suspension is broken. I broke it a while back after a hard ride down the mountain. Second, the front tire has a slash in it that will not allow it to be pumped up. Granted, the bike is still ridable, but whoever tries to ride/sell it will probably be disappointed. Nevertheless, it really was a great bike and I'm going to miss having it. I think the worst part about the whole incident is knowing that someone came onto our property without our knowing. That certainly makes me uncomfortable.

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