Poison Ivy, Bloody Knees and Family Fun

Well, I've made my way back to a computer, so here's what's going on with the Ashley family.

*On Saturday we continued to unpack and organize our house. I spent a couple of hours outside trimming weeds/bushes/plants. Unfortunately, I broke out in a rash after coming in contact with poison ivy. We finally went to bed at about 3am on Sunday and left for Virginia around 11.

*On Monday, Amy went with her sister Ashley to downtown Richmond for the day. While they were walking down the sidewalk, Amy tripped and fell into the street. (They were walking near a construction area where the sidewalk was broken.) She bloodied her knees and her foot was swollen. (Her sister laughed...and then helped her.)

*Today we spent the day at Water Country USA. It was awesome...except when we had to get out of the pool because someone pooped in the water. Okay, we're not sure if it was poop, but the PH was messed up. So, we had to go to a different area.

*And in case you wanted to know, my poision ivy is much better. Tomorrow evening we're going to stay with Amy's mom and stepdad for the rest of the week. (Her stepdad is at home from the Army for a few weeks, so we came at a perfect time!)

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Morgan said...

Hey Eric -n- Amy! The mission trip went really well. It was a lil dif. than last yr. mainly b/c the houses we had to work on werent all that bad && the ladies house that one group from our church was working on never met her-that would be the group i was in. The other group really had a chance to witness to their lady cause she was a Jehovahs witness. All in all it was a lot of fun. Me and my fam. are heading to WA tom. to see some of my dads aunts and uncles b/c we havent been up there in 2 yrs. Hope yall have a good time in VA