Packing, Cleaning and Other Moving Activities

Amy and I stayed up to about midnight last night packing up our apartment...and we did take a few minutes to have a food fight with couscous and lentils! We still have a good bit more to pack but we are making some progress. We're getting ready to go back over to the house to finish hanging the blinds and cleaning.


MoRgAn said...

Thats good...i hope you have an easy time moving...well ya know wat i mean...i also was wondering if u all could pray for they upcoming mission trip that yea we are going to have fun at the beach and shopping and stuff but just prayer that we(me especially) would be down there to serve God and give glory to Him and the ppl of Chas. and also that it wouldnt be for our own glory.

Also maybe we could get together sometime and go out to lunch or something....♥ yall

Eric M. Ashley said...

When are you going to Charleston?

Morgan said...