Self-Regard or Self-Sacrifice?

The sermon that I preached on Sunday is available here. The sermon is called Self-Regard or Self-Sacrifice? and it's taken from Matthew 5:38-42. If you think that this passage is addressing issues such as pacifism, self-defence, captital punishment or war, then I think you should listen to this sermon. I believe Jesus words taken us in a different direction than those concerns. Here's the outline:

I. Introduction

II. Original Intent of the Law of Retribution
A. The law was restrictive
B. The law was corporate.

III. Distorting the Law

IV. Jesus Response
A. A call for pacifism?
B. Do not have a hostile heart

V. Four Examples
A. Dignity
B. Comfort
C. Time
D. Possessions

VI. Conclusion

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