A Few Random Updates

*BUSY WEEK: Amy and I have been pretty busy this week. She's been teaching art (mixed media) to children for a couple of hours each morning this week. I've been spending my afternoons meeting people and doing other ministry work. We had dinner with my parents last night, which was a lot of fun. This afternoon I'm going to be moving furniture all day, which probably will not be a barrel of fun.

*GROWING GIRLS: Adalynne is at the verge of crawling. Alora has almost finished potty training.

*DEATH: Alora's fish, Roxy, died this week. We had a burial service at the potty, and flushed Roxy down the toilet. Alora waved goodbye and then huged the toilet. A bit unsanitary but cute none the less.

*SEMINARY: I may be able to start seminary work in the Fall at Erskine. I talked to a lady from Admissions today, and she said that I still have time to apply. I can't really express how excited I am to think about going back to schoo to work on an M.Div. (Excited and hopeful enough to add "Seminary" as one of my blog labels.) Of course, I know that my life will be extremely busy as I balance family time, church ministry, and seminary but the Lord will be my strength!

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