The Never-Ending Story of Motherhood

Every morning around 6:30 Adalynne wakes up, ready for a bottle. Then, before the feeding is finished Alora has usually crawled out of her bed and made her way to the living room to join her mom and sister. By 7:30 breakfast has been served, and the day doesn't slow down from there. Now, my wife must contend with a "regenerating" pile of laundry, potty training, phone calls, meal preparation, more bottle-feeding, playtimes, naptimes, dishes that need washing, vaccuming, dusting, crying, vomiting, and tons of other tasks. (I'm starting to feel tired just thinking about all the things that Amy does on a daily basis.) And while most of us go to work in the morning and return home in the evening, the work of a mother goes well beyond 9 to 5. I am almost certain that Amy will not sleep through the night tonight. Either Adalynne will wake up around 3:30am, ready for a bottle, or Alora wake her up for some reason or another. The work of a mother never ends.

Yet, in all of these duties and responsibilities, Amy is joyful. Granted, there are days when she is exhausted and needs a break, but she does not give up. She continues on day by day to serve the Lord by serving her family. So, to Amy--my wife, best-friend, partner, lover--Happy Mother's Day! You and all the other mothers who tirelessly serve our families deserve to be praised each day. I love you.

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emily said...

With my feminist tendencies from sinful flesh (and public education), I'm so thankful for Amy's example as a wife and mother!