My Computer is Burning a Hole in the Ozone Layer

As I am typing this message, I am sure that my computer is putting off evil, ozone-destroying death rays. I can visualize the polar icecaps melting away as I try to place a few of my thoughts on the world-wide-web.

Is it just me or is this whole "global warming" thing seem like another attempt for the government to take more control over our lives.? Next thing you know we'll all be required to drive grease-powered cars that go zero to sixty in about 10 minutes or trim our lawns with scissors.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your dad. We'll be praying for him as often as he comes to mind. Thanks for your comments on my page, by the way. I miss those types of conversations. Too bad we can't sit down over some coffee and discuss this one. I'm loving this passage right now.

Eric M. Ashley said...

Thanks for praying. He'll find out the results in a day or so.

I also miss those types of conversations.