An Open Love Letter to My Wife

I know I posted a poem about my love for my wife earlier today, but I couldn't let today pass by without publicly and explicitly declaring my unending and fervent love for her . So, here goes:


I am so glad that when we met on the main street on North Greenville's campus (and I asked you to smell my key chain), that you didn't think I was totally crazy. Instead, you gave me a chance to get to know the most wonderful woman in the world. I love living life with you. I amazed daily at how kind, caring, patient, giving and loving you are to me, our children, and anyone else you meet. You truly are beautiful inside and out. The grace of God is evident in your life, and I am a grateful to know that you are mine and I am yours. I love you deeply.

Your Husband,



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Eric M. Ashley said...

In case anyone wants to know, I gave her "real" love notes too.