"Hello. My name is..."

I know that there are many of you who visit this blog on a regular basis, yet you usually do not make use of the comment section. There could be a number of reasons for your lack-of-commenting. Maybe, some of you are unaware that the comment section exists. Though this seems unlikely, I'll just point out that the comment section is at the bottom of each entry. It's simple to use, so give it a try. Problem solved. Or the problem could be that some of you may not have anything to say in regard to the things I post. If this is the case, I'm sorry. I'll try to be a little more interesting. Or, maybe you're just shy. You prefer to roam across this blog without leaving many traces of your presence.

Today, I ask you to break from the norm. Instead of passing by the comment section, click on it and introduce yourself. But just in case you don't know what to say about yourself, I'll provide a few questions that can pick and choose from:

*What's your name?
*What's your occupation?
*What's your religious/denominational/church affiliation?
*Married or single?
*Tall or short?
*If you I gave you $452, how would you use the money?
*What are your favorite things to see and read about on this blog?

Go ahead. Click the comment section. Answer a few questions.


Eric M. Ashley said...

Okay, I know this is my own blog, but I thought that I should lead by example. So, here it goes:

My name is Eric Ashley. I am married to Amy. I have two daughters. I am the director of youth and family ministries at Redeemer Church, and I'll begin substitute teaching in March. My two favorite colors are blue and green. My favorite condiment is hot sauce. I'd use the money to take Amy on a weekend trip, buy books, and give some money to a person in need.

Jennifer said...

My name is Jennifer. I am single, and I am an "only child." I teach middle school orchestra. My preferred color is purple. As for the money . . . I'd probably splurge once and go to Restaurant O in Greenville, which I've meant to do for about a year now. And the remainder I would allocate to non-frivolities. I'm with you on hot sauce, Eric!

jon said...

Hey my name is Jonathan Lewis. I'm happilysingle but look forward to one day getting married. I work in the tile biz for White,Lewis,Klein,and Ross Inc. My favorite color is blue or snow white. my favorite condiment is honey mustard(which I pray will be in heaven to dip fried chicken in...which leads to the question will there be fried chicken in heaven?)I'd tithe with the money save it up for college/car, and if the oppritunity presents it self give it to someone in need. And something extra about myself is I love Jesus Christ with all my heart. How are ya'll doing Eric?

Jennifer said...

Important detail I left out . . . I am thrilled and blessed to be part of Redeemer Church, co-laboring with Eric & Amy, as well as many other precious believers. (And Redeemer Church would be at top of my non-frivolous monetary allocation for that $452 . . . even prior to Restaurant O!)

Amy said...

checking to see if my comment will show up yet

Morgan said...

hi my names Morgan i go to GMS home of the Rams Im Christian trying to do better everyday Im currently singleand will be for atleast the next 10 yrs. I would save the money and idk