Current Happenings

So, I didn't jump back into the swing of blogger quite like I thought I would, but there's no time like the present. So, let me begin with a few updates:

*Adalynne is growing bigger and more beautiful as each day passes. She weights about 10lbs now.

*Alora continues to amaze us with her growing vocabulary and sweet smile. Although she loves her new sister, she is still adjusting to the change. This has been evidenced by her occasional attention-grabbing-antics such as: dumping powder sugar into the floor and covering her bed with about 60 baby wipes. (Although her actions made me want to laugh, my parental sensibilites gave me the strength to hold back my laughts and...shall we say...extend the hand of booty fellowship.)

*Things are going well with the church plant. I am so excited about what the Lord has in store for us and Redeemer Church in 2007. We've been able to raise some support that will allow me to leave my current (3rd shift) job in order to make myself more readily available to the youth of the community. Of course, once I leave my current job, I'll still have to find another (1st shift) job to make sure my family has enought income. Along those lines, please pray for me as I search for a new job that will allow me to have time to meet youth in the community through the local schools, fca, etc.

*I shaved my head. Amy cut her hair...short, and it looks great.

*I'm going to bed now.


morgan said...

You shaved your head?!?....hmm.

Rita said...

I want to see a picture of the Ashleys short haircuts. Also, I laughed out loud at the "hand of booty fellowship" comment. Good stuff.

Jon said...

Hey Eric how is Redeemer Church going? I pray that ya'll can reach out to the community.

Eric M. Ashley said...

Jon: Things at Redeemer have gotten off to a great start. Hopefully we can talk soon so that I can let you in on some of the details.

Aunt Tiffy said...

hey you guys!!! i miss you sooo much and i can picture Gracie doing that and i probably would laugh. any way how are my gurlz?? E-Mail me k er!! i love you guys.
tell Sissy and Alora that i love them too. love, Aunt Tiffy