Missional Eating: Skins' Hotdogs

Ever since my dad introduced me to the wonderful world of Skins' Hotdogs when I was a boy, I've been hooked. So, it was with great pleasure that I was able to take Amy and Alora to eat at Skins' recently. As always, the overall eating experience was great.

For those of you who live in the Anderson area here are a few reasons why you should visit Skins' on a regular basis:

*Meeting Locals. I cannot think of another restaraunt in Anderson that is more well-known or loved by the locals of Anderson than Skins'. If you have a desire to take part missional eating (i.e. eating at local restraunts with the purpose of meeting people, engaging them with the gospel and enjoying good food!), then Skins' should be at the top of your list.

*Simplicity. If you're looking for hamburgers, french fries, or any other fast food besides hotdogs, then Skins is not the place to go (because they don't serve those things!). But if you want the best hotdogs in SC, Skins' should be on the agenda.

*Service. The service we recieved was friendly and fast. I think that we had our food in less than 5 minutes.

My recommendation: 3 hotdogs all-the-way (mustard, chili, and onions), a bag of Golden Flake Chips, a side of pickles, and a Coca-Cola in a glass bottle.


Tiff said...

wow that sounds good. you gotta take me there sometime. <3 tiff

Bethany said...

Yea, I've heard that Skin's is really good, it's a shame I don't eat pork...

morgan said...

Bethany your missin out cause skins has the best hotdogs around!

Eric M. Ashley said...

Tiffany, I'd love to take you to Skins' when you come and visit. Hopefully we'll see you soon!

Bethany, if you ever decide to eat pork again, the first hotdog you eat should be from Skins'.

Morgan, you're right...Skins' is the best!