Greasy Hands, Five Gallons of Water and a Concrete Floor

While at work yesterday I noticed that one of our water dispensers was empty; so, I removed the empty jug and attempted to replace it with a full one. (In case you missed it, the key word in the last sentence was attempted.) Let's just say that greasy hands, a five gallon jug of water and a concrete floor are not a good combination. After this failed attempt, I spent the next 15 minutes moping and drying floor. Five gallons of water sure does cover a lot of floor!


morgan said...

haha-amys due like sometime next week right? call me!!

Eric M. Ashley said...

She's due in day now.

Eric M. Ashley said...

I meant, "she's due any day now."

Tracy said...

Hi Eric and Amy,

We will be praying for you guys. As the time draws near know we are thinking about you. We hope all goes well with you and the baby. Take care and we love you!

Tracy Lewis (and family)

Eric M. Ashley said...

Thanks so much. Adalynne is due next Tuesday, and Amy and I can hardly wait for her to arrive.

Tiffany said...

hey you guys,
i cant wait either!!! hey morgan i haven't seen you in a while, i miss ya. anyway i love you Eric can't wait to see ya.
love, Tiff