Missional Eating: An Introduction

In almost every town or city, there are certain local restaurants that very well known (and visited) by local patrons. We could call these the staple restaurants of the area. For example, when I was attending North Greenville College (which is now North Greenville University) in Tigerville, SC, the staple restaurant was the Thai and I. Every day at lunch and dinner, the small building was filled with local residents, students, professors, workers, etc. Granted, it was the only restaurant in Tigerville, but the point is that it was a very well known restaurant in the area. I believer that we should seek to find the staple restaurants in our local areas, so that we can meet and engage people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Since moving to Anderson (a.k.a. the Electric City) in order to help plant Redeemer Church, Amy and I have began to make it our practice to try to discover and visit local restaurants in Anderson in order to meet new people. Over the next few months, I hope to be able to blog about our experiences at these restaurants. Hopefully, we will kill two birds with one stone: filling Anderson the good news of Jesus and filling our stomachs with good food.

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