Mission-Minded vs. Missional

"But don't confuse the terms mission-minded and missional. The first refers more to an attitude of caring about missions, particularly oversees. Missional means actually doing mission right where you are. Missional means adopting the posture of a missionary, learning and adapting to the culture around you while remaining biblically sound. Think of it this way: missional means being a missionary without ever leaving your zip code." --Ed Stetzer, Planting Missional Churches, 19.

I like to thing of myself as a "backyard missionary." Why don't we all meet up on the mission field? Just step out of your front door and you're there.


Missional Jerry said...

The trick is to move the church from missions minded to missional. That is the challenge of all leaders of the church.

Eric said...

I have been very fortunate to find myself in the company of many others who have began the trek from a mere mission-mindedness toward a missional approach to kingdom work. I pray that the Lord will continue to move us in the proper direction so that the world will see the light of His glory.