The Lady Has a Watergun

The following is an interview that I did with my wife after we put our daughter to bed. I am not sure why I wanted to do this interview, but it will not be the last. Be ready. You could be next! All questions and answers are spontaneous...considering that I decided to do this about 2 minutes ago.

Eric: What is your full name and occupation?

Amy: Amy Marie Ashley, and my occupation is being a wife and mother. An occupation is something that occupies your time and energy.

Eric: Thanks for the definition.Why do you think that I have asked you to be the first person that I interview?

Amy: Because I am the greatest person in your life and you love me more than anyone else. And because Alora can't talk in full sentences. (Amy is laughing and smiling.)

Eric: Pretend that you walking down a dark alley one night. (I am not sure why you would be doing this, but you are.) A woman with a watergun jumps out and says, "Describe yourself, using ten words, or I will shoot you." (You begin to tremble because it is cold outside and your clothes are made of paper mache' (I am not sure why you would be wearing this, but you are.) What words would you use to describe yourself?

Amy: Christian. Fun. Loving. Passionate. Creative. Wife. Mom. Organized. Servant. Outgoing.

Eric: Even after answering the woman's question I am sure that she would shoot you because of how long it took you to answer her. Good thing I am not a woman with a watergun. Next question. If you had one day in which you could do anything you wanted...what would you do and with whom would you spend it?

Amy: First, my entire family (all of my parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, husband's parents...you get the point), my church body, and friends, would rent a charter plane that would take us to a cruise ship. Then, the cruise ship that would take us to the tip of Florida (after departing from the side of Florida, of course). Then, we would go to a small island where we could snorkle and use ocean kayaks. The island would be decorated for a huge festival where we would listen and dance to reggae music. We would also eat barbeque chicken, sweet corn-on-the-cob, my dad's mashed potatoes,and my mom's lemon poppyseed pound cake. As the sun would begin to set, we would all gather together and listen to Eric preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then all of those who are there who do not know Christ would believe in and worship Jesus. (They would see how much joy all the other Christians have and realize that only true joy is in Christ.) Then Eric and I would retreat into our "love shack" and make "whoopie" until we had two hours left in the day. Then, I would bring my children and place them on my lap, read to them, and tell them how much I love them. Then, as the last five minutes passed, Eric and I would pray with them, and thank the Lord for such a wonderful day.

*Eric: Wow. You sure get a lot done in one day! Thanks for taking time to talk with me.

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Anonymous said...

hey, wow sissy. i didn't need to know that much. LOL. great interview Er. love ya