The Transformation of a Box

On Sunday evening, Amy and I took a couple of hours to build Alora a "house" out of a cardboard box that I brought from work. By the end, we had transformed the ordinary box into a playhouse complete with a mirror, curtains, family pictures, windows, a door, and colorful exterior.


jon said...

aww thats awesome. wow she has alot mroe hair than when last I saw her...and she can walk. How have ya'll been doing lately?

Eric said...

Yeah, here hair is getting a lot longer. Amy recently gave her a haircut, so that it wouldn't look too messy.

We've been doing really great. I'd love to get together sometime soon. I just finished working my last weekend shift last night (yeah!), so I'll have the weekends free now. Email me, and we'll try to set up a time to hang out.