So, I Didn't Shave My Head...

I must take a moment to eat my words, so here it goes:

"Amy, I was wrong. I never should have doubted that you would be able to give me a good haircut. I teased you about cutting my hair. I thought that I was going to have to wear something shameful upon my head, but you proved me wrong. As I write these words, I am fully aware that you have given me a good haircut. Granted, I was a little scared that we would have to shave my head. (Because we have had to go to such measures in the past.) But, alas, the tides have changed. Amy, you are offically my new hair dresser."

1 comment:

Amy said...

To be honest honey, I thought we might have to shave your head too. But I guess after watching so many other people cut your hair I finally got the hang of it. Thanks for letting me try even though there was the possibility of a shave. I love you.