The Blessing of Family Visits

My father and sister-in-law arrived today. We haven't seen them since April, so it is such a blessing to have them with us for the week. Time with family is always such a blessing, and I thank the Lord for every moment that I have to spend with them.


david said...

hey man just wanted to say hey. keep encouraging brandon - i hear he has been coming on tuesday nights. good to keep up with you via blogging.

I’ve been reading 2 Corinthians recently – chapter 4 – it talks so much about the GLORY of the Lord in our lives and hearts – but the contradiction that our outer humanity is so weak – it’s like a mismatch. So even in our daily failings to outwardly manifest the GLORY that is inside the Lord does not look down with scorn but with the kind eye of a compassionate Father on a child still learning to walk. I’d encourage you to read 2 cor 2:12 – 5:21 (a bit more added in for context sake).

Eric said...

Yeah, it's been great to hang out with Brandon lately. I hope that we can continue to encourage each other in the Lord. Good to hear from you David.