To Virginia and Back Again

Since I had a week off before starting a new shift at work, we loaded up the Explorer and went to Virginia last Friday. We had a wonderful and relaxing time with Amy's family. The worst part of the trip was the drive home. Although the return trip should have taken about 9 hours, it took a little longer...12 hours. A few things contributed to the delay:

*We had to drive to Williamsburg to get Alora's stroller because we forgot to get it out of the van before Vivian drove to work.
*Our stubborn dog took way too long to use the bathroom each time we stopped. (Actually, Addy didn't use the bathroom until we arrived back at our house.)
*Alora vomited on herself while we were driving. So, of course we stopped. (Also, I am sure you can imagine the wonderful smell that stayed with us for the remainder of our trip!)


Ryan said...

Just wanted to say goodluck on you first night on "D" shift. And glad to hear you and the wife had a great trip to Virginia.

Cecil said...

That sounds too fun. See y'all soon.

cecil said...

also, remember that time we made, or tried to, fried pickles at your apartment? and remember that time I waxed my chest the week before your wedding? Man, those were fun times. The chest thing hurt a lot too. I bled for a bit.

patrick said...

glad you guys are back! got something for you eric when you're free. see you Sat/Sun.

Eric said...

Ryan, D Shift really wasn't that bad.

Cecil, should I wax my chest before your wedding.

Patrick, see you on Sunday.