Sufjan: Lost and Found!

So, Sufjan Stevens was missing. Well, he actually wasn't missing; rather, my Sufjan Steven's "Illinois" album was missing. I discovered that it was missing yesterday, and I franticly searched for it all day. Okay, the search wasn't really frantic and I didn't look for it all day. Seriously though, I probably looked for the cd for almost an hour. (Is that obsessive?) Okay, I'll admit that I probably wasted a little too much time, but I was really in the mood to listen to that cd. (I could just hear Sufjan inviting me to "Come on feel the Illinoise".)The worst part of the search happened when I found the case, but alas, there was no Sufjan inside. But today, the tides changed because Amy found the cd in a random computer case. Go figure. Sufjan was lost and now is found. Finally, I can once again place Sufjan were he was meant to be: in my three-disk changer. Hurray!

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