Well, I finally found my way to the computer. Sorry my lack of posts, but we do not currently have internet access. Anyway, here a few updates:

*Alora's Surgery* Everything went great, and she is recovering well. Actually, she acts as though she didn't even have surgery. She is extremely hyper, and it won't be long before she walks!

*Sorry Rita* Rita Moss, I just wanted to let you know that I did try to call you on a number times while in Charleston, but I couldn't get through to your phone. Maybe our families can get together during some better circumstances in Charleston.

*Housing* Amy and I should be moving out of my grandfather's house in about a week or two. We will be living in free housing provided by my home church, Chiquola. Yes, you read correctly, FREE HOUSING! The church ownes the home, but they haven't used it in a long time. So, they asked us if we would like to live there...and of course, we said yes!

*Great Churches and Friends* We would like to thank everyone who prayed for us, sent cards, called us, etc. during this difficult times. We truly appreciate and cherish your kindness! Two churches get a big shout-out from Amy and I: Chiquola Baptist and Roper Mt. Baptist...thank you all for your kindness, generosity and friendship!

*Work, Ministry, School* I am currently unemployed, but I spend yesterday applying for jobs. Hopefully, something will open up soon. Regarding ministry, I have already had the opportunity to preach and teach since we moved. I hope that the Lord continues to give me opportunity. Regarding school, I will begin working on a Master of Christian Ministry degree this Monday at the T. Walter Brashier Graduate School of North Greenville University.

*Random Stuff* If you haven't listened to Derek Webb's new CD "Mockingbird" you should. He deals a lot with politics and other social issues. It's good. And while speaking of mockingbirds, if you have never watched the movie"To Kill a Mockingbird," well you should. It is one of my favorite movies of all times. I like the movie so much, that if Amy and I ever have a son, I'd like to name him Atticus...well, maybe not. Also, watch the movie "Hotel Rwanda." It's good too.

Well, until next time. Have a great day.


Rita said...

You don't owe me an apology! The only thing is, I didn't know if y'all would have a lot of family down while y'all were here, so I definitely wanted to be available to run places if you needed me to ... since I knew you probably wouldn't leave the hospital much. I was just making myself available. Weird that the phone number didn't work! Did you get my voice mail or something?! :weird:

And, indeed - if you are ever in the area again, we WILL have to get together!

Rita said...

Also ... (duh) I'm so glad Alora's doing well!!

Matthew Smith said...

Mockingbird is indeed great. Derek Webb's wife (Sandra McCracken) has a new record too (a hymns CD called The Builder And The Architect), and a site where you can listen to it and read her thoughts on each hymn. Pretty amazing stuff. http://www.igracemusic.com/sandrahymns