The past few days have been filled with changes, as Amy and I prepare to move. Here are a few changes that have been taking place in our lives:

*Sunday, 11th: Preached my last (?) sermon at Roper Mt. Baptist.

*Monday, 12th: We found out that our daughter has to have open heart surgery in Charleston, so we had to postpone our move to seminary. Instead of moving to Wake Forest, NC, we'll be moving to Honea Path, SC.

*Wednesday, 14th: We sold our home. Taught my last mid-week bible study at Roper Mt. Baptist.

*Friday, 16th: Started packing up our belongings.

*Sunday, 18th: Taught my last Sunday School class at Roper Mt. Baptist. Went to my last youth Christmas party at Roper. Had a farewell party after the evening service.

*Monday, 19th: Took our dog, Tozer, to the pound because we couldn't take him with us to Honea Path. (Hopefully, someone will adopt him. He really is an awesome dog.) Went with Amy to her last event/dinner at Miller Oaks (a retirement community where Amy assisted the residents).

Please continue to pray for our family as we seek to trust and follow the Lord. Although these changes are difficult/sad, we have peace in knowing that we can trust God to guide us daily.


Arie Lee said...

hey yall! i am going to miss yall so much! i will be praying for yall! yall will have to call me when yall get in Honea Path so we can hook up! love yall!!

Morgan said...

I will definintly miss you guys, so much! You have taught me so much about christian faith and lead me through some difficult times! Your lessons were such an ecouragement I will miss them so much(especially Nooma,lol)! I will be prayin' for ya'll, just please pray for me(in school, cause goin' to public school can be really hard,and other things too)
luv ya mis ya