Alora's Surgery Date

We found out that Alora's surgery will take place on January 19th. She'll have to be in Charleston by the 18th. Please pray that we will be able to get into the Ronald McDonald House or at least, find cheap lodging near the hospital.


Jon said...

Eric I will definetly pray for Alora. I hope and know that ya'll will be strong in the Lord thorugh this trying time. I think we will be coming down ,with a few friends, on the 18th to see you guys in the hospital but don't quote me.

Hey I got a question. Where do we get the forms for SBFYC because we need to start getting them together. Just call me or comment me back. See you later.

Rita said...

Who lives near Charleston?! I DO! I DO! I DO!!!

Call me.


Anonymous said...

Were you able to get into the Ronald McDonald House?

anybrit said...

I am a pediatric nurse at the hospital Alora will be having her surgery next week. (I heard about her surgery from a friends xanga.) She will get great care and have wonderful doctors and nurses looking after her as she recovers.