Alora's Heart: More Than a Murmur


Yesterday, Amy and I took Alora to have her heart murmur checked out. Although most heart murmurs are not a cause for concern, we discovered that Alora's murmur is a sign of something more serious. According to the Pediatric Cardiologist, Alora has a congenital heart disease known as an Atrial Septal Defect. According to the Cove Point Foundation,
Larger ASDs, which are more likely to remain open, cause an excessive flow of blood into the right atrium, right ventricle and pulmonary artery (see animation). This enlarges the right atrium and right ventricle (dilatation) and causes high pressures in the pulmonary artery that will eventually distort its shape and may rarely damage the blood vessels in the lungs.The enlargement of the right atrium can result in abnormal heart rhythms. These effects are not reversed by closing the ASD after the damage has been done. Heart failure is likely when a person with an untreated ASD reaches young adulthood.

In order to correct the problem, Alora is going to have to have open heart surgery sometime in January. As many of you are aware, Amy and I have just sold our home so that we could move to Southeastern Seminary at the end of this month. Yet, we are having to adjust our plans so that Alora can have this important operation. Instead of moving to North Carolina, we will be moving in with my grandfather in Honea Path, SC. (He has graciously open his home to us, so that we do not have to worry about finding a place to rent.) This move will allow us to be close to my parents (they live across the street from my grandfather) and close to Charleston (where the surgery will take place.) After the surgery takes place, I assume that Amy and I will live with my grandfather until after the summer. (This will also be around the time when our second child will be born, Lord willing!) In regard to seminary, hopefully I will be able to take classes from an extention center in Anderson, SC. I do not plan on looking for a job until the surgery is over because I know that the next month will be a bit crazy for our family.


Amy and I praise God that Alora's pediatrician noticed a problem and helped us find out about this serious condition. We also feel so blessed because the doctor that we will be working with is a fellow believer! Our Lord is so gracious! We know that the Lord is going to use this time to grow and mature our faith in Him.

Here are a few ways in which you can pray for our family: Please pray that we will not worry and stress over this situation. Pray that our move to Honea Path will go well. Pray for the healing of Alora's heart (whether this comes through surgery or another way that pleases our Lord). Pray for our financial situation. (Thankfully Alora has full medical coverage that will not cost us anything!) Pray that I will be able to find a job after I move to Honea Path.

Thank you so much for your prayers and concerns. I will post updates and new information when it is available. If you have a website/blog, please feel free to link to this post so that others can be informed.


Emily said...

Hey Eric, I am praying for you, Amy and Alora. I can't imagine how stressful this situation is, and your faithfulness is really an encouragement to me.

cecil said...

You and the family have my earnest prayers, brother. I'll asking the warriors here to intercede as well. Please keep me informed so I can be more effective, especially around time for the surgery. Also, I can call you anytime you feel like it'd be nice to have someone else to chat with...let me know. I plan to call sometime this week anyhow. Take care.

Charity said...

Eric and Amy:
I will definitely be remembering you two and Alora. When I was born, I had a similar condition to Alora's (I'm not sure if it's the same or not), but God proved incredibly faithful to me and my family! I know he will do the same for you. I am praying for her healing and you guys to be strengthened during this time! I hope all goes well, and please let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do for you guys :)

Rita said...

Eric, I am praying for Alora - and you and Amy as well.

Could you please let me know when the surgery is and when you guys will be in Charleston? You know .... I live closeby.

Eric said...

Thanks everyone for your prayers and concerns. The doctor should be calling us today so that we can talk about the upcoming plans. We will let you all know more as soon as we find out.

morgan said...

Hey Eric!I am really prayin' for ya'll becuase, I know this situation is really stresful.You have to remember though the Lord is your strengt, he will guide you through this by his will. Please just keep me updated on everything!
If you EVER need anything at all tell me!!!