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I bought the David Crowder Band CD yesterday, and I love it! I also found out that they will be in Columbia, SC next Friday. They are touring with Shane and Shane, and the Robbie Seay Band. Amy and I are going to try and go if we can get tickets and a baby sitter.

I had never heard of The Afters until I saw a review in student ministry magazine. Although I bought the CD a couple of weeks ago, I haven't had a lot of time to listen to it because I let one of the youth borrow it, and I just got the CD back tonight.

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Abigail Anna said...

Hey Eric, I only just realized that you responded to my comment on your last post. I total agree that we need to take great care in how we discuss things with believers as well as nonbelievers. If ever, in our hours of talking, I have been more about pursuing the debate than the truth, please forgive me. I don't desire to be defensive or belligerent. I want to pursue and love truth, and I am encouraged by discussing it with believers like you and Ames. I love you guys.