Early Morning Conversations

When I was college, I loved the days when I had the opportunity to eat lunch with some of my professors. I always counted it a blessing to be able to sit and converse about ministry, theology, or whatever. Although I have graduated from the college, I still work there as a security officer. My relationship with the college has changed. This change has taken place because 1) I am no longer a student and 2) I work a strange shift (4am to 12pm). Now, instead of conversing with professors, most of my early morning interactions take place with the housekeeping staff. We do not talk about Hermeneutics or Missiology or Pneumatology, yet our conversations are just as important. Each day when I arrive at work, I always look forward to talking about family, work, faith, etc. with Jeanie, Audrey, Bonnie, Sue, and the other people that I have met. These are the people who are often overlooked or ignored. Most people cherish the time they are able to talk with their professors, mentors, and other people they hold in high esteem. (And there is nothing wrong with cherishing conversations with these people.) Yet, we often overlook those whom we perceive as "less glamorous." I pray that our hearts will change. May the Lord enable us to love and live like Him.


Amy said...

When I fell in love with you it was for these very reasons. The way you take the time to see everyone. Not just the big people but the small people also. The one's who do the hard jobs, the one's who never demand respect and yet you always give it to them. I love the way you always want to exemplify Christ in all you do and for that, today i love you more than I ever imagined anyone could love someone. Love always your adoring and loving wife

Anonymous said...

I agree I feel that God wants us as christians to share our joys of life the wonderful gifts He has given us with the people we are around during our daily lives so they may see Jesus in us in everything we do.